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“…wow, wow, wow it is absolutely WONDERFUL!”

The nightshirt arrived today. I expected it would be nice since I happily wear my flannel baseball shirt every day, but wow, wow, wow it is absolutely WONDERFUL!

Thank you so much.
Covington, Kentucky

“I have loved them and find the pieces very useful.” 

I bought a skirt, tank top and pants from you last December when you were in Ottawa at the Signatures craft show at the Congress Centre. I have loved them and find the pieces very useful. I am now interested in getting a couple more.

Thanks very much.
Ottawa, Ontario

“…everyone wants to know where I bought it.”

Last summer I bought a scrub top in the natural cotton from you at the craft festival in the Beaches here in Toronto. Then saw you at the One of a Kind Show. I was wondering if I could order a couple of them from you and have them shipped to me.

Every time I wear this top everyone wants to know where I bought it.
Scarborough, Ontario

“I have to tell you, these are the BEST nighties I have ever owned.”

Hi. I have bought the one size “tent” size nightgown from you every year at craft shows in the summer. I have two friends that would like one and I would like to know if I can order such from you. I have to tell you, these are the BEST nighties I have ever owned. From October thru to April, I wear mine every single night. I can’t wait to get it on each night and it washes like a dream. I wash mine at least 3 times a week all Fall and Winter. Washer to dryer, to my body… I want you to know to me, it’s like a baby’s security blanket is to a baby. I’m in love.

Thanks so much.
Niagara Falls, Ontario

“There is no trace of the toner anywhere on my shirt!”

I purchased my first, certainly NOT my last, piece of Splash Comfy Casual Wear. I purchased a pair of shorts, a tank top and a camp shirt. I’ve loved wearing them ever since. My purpose for writing, other than to commend you on a superb product, is to tell you what happened to my shirt today.

The temperature, here in Whitby, right now is 37+ degrees C with a humidex reading of 45+ degrees. I wore my three pieces to work today – because it is the coolest clothing I own. Well, as luck sometimes happens, every piece of equipment containing toner needed attention. I was careful, so I thought, not to spill any on my suit. As I said, so I thought. Half way through the day I noticed a significant blob of toner residue on the front panel of my shirt as well as a small smudge further along the front panel. To say I was heartsick would have been an understatement. I had all kinds of offers from well meaning friends to help me “wash” it out.  My inner voice told me to leave it alone until I got home. I remembered that on the post card it was stated “use lemon juice to remove all stains”. Toner? This could be a real challenge.

I came home and proceeded to attend to the disaster. I didn’t have any real lemons but I did have Real Lemon Concentrate. “Oh well,” I thought, “It’s worth a try.” I submerged the stains in about 1/2 cup of lemon juice and left the shirt to soak for about 20 – 30 minutes. I gently worked the spot, at the end of the time, with my fingernail to see if anything had happened. There is no trace of the toner anywhere on my shirt! I have washed it, rinsed it and examined it with a magnifying glass to make sure that nothing is remaining.

Why did I write? When anyone buys your clothing line, please reassure them that the lemon juice really works.

I have already begun my wish lit for more of your clothing line: pants, skirt, shirtdress, tankdress, blazer, vest – a lot!

Blessings and thank you for a superb product!
Whitby, Ont.

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